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Littleconnect preschool app simplifies your work whether it's parent's interaction, group notifications, or even fee management.

What Is Littleconnect?

LittleConnect is a Preschool & Daycare Management App

Key features for every Preschool business needs.

Most innovative school management software to help connect school and parents and track information.

Administrative Automation

Most innovative school management software to help connect school and parents and track information.

Instant Communication

Send real-time communication, Parent and Teacher Communication Urgent messages by SMS,Instant update on Mobile App, email alerts, Daycare updates and many more...

Classroom Activities

Complete student records like consolidated personal and academic reports, examination reports, attendance details, Staff Attendance with RIFD.

Learning Platform

A Learning Platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provides the teachers, learners, parents and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

Powerful features for every preschool need

Littleconnect provides you 14+ features to manage your institution

Admission Management

Manage the entire process before and after registration and admission of the students

Events & Notices

Updates on day-to-day activities and events in the school can be listed in this section.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Regular updates to parents and staff via SMS for events, holidays, dues, tests/exams, attendance, notices etc. Group messaging system for easy communication between staff, students and parents.

Group Message

This Group message is the privileged communication tool between the school and the parent. It enables the student to organise his/her activities and the parents to regularly keep up with their child's school work.

Private Message

This School diary is the privileged communication tool between the school and the parent. It enables the student to organise his/her activities, and the parents to regularly keep up with theirs child's school work.


Upload and share photos/videos of all cultural and extra curricular events in the school. Personalized albums can also be created for individual events.

Fee Management

Management of fees and funds. Maintaining accounts of pending fees and creating/sending reminders. Online receipt of fees.

Attendance Tracking

Marking and tracking attendance on daily / monthly basis with remarks and SMS alerts can be sent to parents/management about the same. Dashboard access to management/staff for instant view of updates on individual students.

Staff Attendance with RFID

Tracking of attendance with the exact time of the staff arrival with biometric RFID cards and regular updates/remarks sent through messaging system.

Transport Management

Monitoring the location of a vehicle, bus or any moving vehicle using the GPS system. Widely deployed to keep track of vehicle fleets, vehicle tracking ensures that the vehicle that the vehicles are being used properly and that they can be recovered in the event they are stolen.

Daycare Management

Daycare software Record activities like naps, meals, bathroom breaks, mood, medication, notes, incident reports and much more right from the app. Automatically generate reports and send notification to parents. Parents appreciate knowing what their child is up to in real-time.

Inventory Management

ERP is a business process with various functions that allows the organization to track and manage school inventory available, purchase control and maintaining reports of stock available, issued and purchased.

Why choose Littleconnect?

Parent and Teacher communication | Daycare Management | Best childcare software

Own Brand App

Littleconnect the app to replace your current communication tools – newsletters, email, sms, printed notes, payment forms, circulars and so much more!

App Customization features

Enhance your template with app customization features. We’ll incorporate your logos, contents and much more as per your requirements.

Analytics and reports

Built-in Analytics for monitoring student performance and business growth.

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